In Search of Nothing:

Finding when you stop searching

My work is about nothing. Or rather about 'searching for nothing'. Not surprisingly, this might lead viewers to wonder why on earth would I be interested in creating work about nothingness? And why would I even search for it? What could I gain, or offer viewers, by doing so?

The photographs of this work are a metaphor for an inner process. They represent a visual testimony of a personal journey towards the inner center and towards inner rest.
With this work, I am exploring the effects of reduction and simplification in life, of moving towards a life in which “less”
is happening. I am trying to find answers to questions such as: What happens inside myself when my understanding of life changes, when my state of mind moves closer to “less” ? What happens when I stop searching for things and let things happen to me instead? Will I have revelations and will I discover when I stop searching? Will I be finding more the less I search? Will I be able to translate these tender and near-to-nothing experiences into pictures?

All my images were created by deliberately putting myself into states, situations or places, where virtually nothing was happening. They were the outcome of unexpected observation and revelations while wandering around in search of nothing.
The findings of this personal journey are depicted by images in the form of city- or landscapes, showing solitude and empty spaces that are devoid of action. Yet my work isn’t so much about what is in the images as what is not in them. Rather than being about the physical spaces they represent, my images are about the sentiments and self-reflections that are evoked within the viewer when looking at them. And perhaps they are even about embarking on one's own 'Search of Nothing'.