The Cuban Project:

Beauty in Transition

Crumbling palaces, exotic American cars, multicolored people and vibrant music make it easy to fall in love with Cuba. But look beyond the stereotypes of the Caribbean island and you find a delicate and rapidly changing cosmos.

Over 50 years of socialist government have left Cuba with a legacy that is unique in the world. People were forced to collaborate, to improvise, to find joy in simple activities. While life for the average Cuban in not easy and many live in great poverty, there is nevertheless so much beauty and happiness to be found: Music, dance and arts being some main ingredients.

Cuba's history is prone to change rapidly. With the opening of diplomatic relations, more tourism and better life conditions a new era is knocking at its door.

In my project, I am portraying the unbelievably beautiful aura of a country and its people on the doorstep of capitalism and modern life.