Stefan Ziegler

A lifelong photographer, Stefan Ziegler has travelled in over 40 countries documenting their native cultures. His work has been exhibited in galleries and shows internationally. Recently, he earned his Master of Professional Studies in Photography from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts.

Influenced by photographers such as William Eggleston and Stephen Shore, his work focuses on subtle observations of everyday situations and life. With his images, he aims to capture inherent beauty and hidden meaning that often can be missed or overlooked.

In his current project, entitled 'In Search of Nothing', Stefan is exploring the effects of reduction and simplification in life, of moving towards a life in which “less” is happening. With the images of this work, he contemplates the question of whether one finds more the less one searches.

Mentored by the late Mary Ellen Mark and based in both New York City and Zurich, Ziegler brings a global and unique perspective, acquired in a long career as an entrepreneurial CEO, to his editorial and fine-art photography.



  • 2015-08: SVA Gallery, New York, USA: 'Closeness - Distance'
  • 2015-09: Van Gogh Memorial Exhibit, Saint-Rémy de Provence, France: 'from roots to stars'
  • 2015-10: SVA Gallery, New York, USA: 'In Search of Nothing'
  • 2016-01: Photo16, Zürich, Switzerland: 'Cuba'